Small Toys, BIG Problems!

The toys in grandpa's attic once lived in peaceful isolation in their own tin communities. When the kids found the toys they jammed the sets together into one massive playset they called Tin Town. Now the toys are on edge and war is imminent, as evident by the sound of childish giggles in the background and the click-click-click of keys being wound for action.

Trouble in Tin Town is a turned based strategy game inspired by children’s wind-up toys from the 1950s. Play through three different campaigns, each starring a different toy faction. As you progress through the campaigns, you will battle alongside Davy Crockett with a rambunctious critter hat, mad horror writer Edgar Allan Poe and more. Help a dinosaur detective solve a heinous murder, brawl with cupcakes in boxing gloves, set off giant pyramid eyeball traps, and take over the White House. Abraham Lincoln and the Historicals guide you through the first campaign, in which a Tin Town conspiracy threatens to undermine the Historicals from all sides.

Each toy faction has their own special units and an iconic leader:

Good ole Aunt Rosie bought the kids the Historical Figures play-set because she thought it would be educational. The kids weren't too excited about the toys until they discovered they could modify them to make them more interesting. Now Ben Franklin is armed with a lighting rod gun and Abraham Lincoln wields duel axes. These statesmen can hold their own in Tin Town.

Prehistoric creatures that never could have been. These toys are one company's vision of evolution after it took a few awkward turns. Special units include Finneas T Rex, the gentlemen detective dinosaur, Banana Bob the guerilla warrior and Congo Jimmy, a hobo ape and leader of the islanders.

The Kandy Kingdom is the promotional toy set from Krazy Kandy Incorporated, a wacky candy company whose motto is “Our Kandy will make you KRA-A-Zee!”. The Kingdom is ruled by King Kandyheart and protected by Cupcake Brawlers, CandyCane Riflemen, Bubblegum Bears and the vicious Wax Lips.


Face adversity at Battle Creek, slog-n-slug through Icing Land, freeze your toy toes off in the Chewgooey Arctic. Visit the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World! But beware of the insidious and often hideous traps that lie within each. Watch out on the Best Forgotten Island for roving idol heads, alligator bridges and sock monkeys with rabies that do the dance of death on your forehead.


Davy Crockett, William Shakespeare, Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte, Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Cupcake Brawlers, Lollipop Lobbers, Bubblegum Bears, Candy Cane Riflemen, Tamale Bandito, Z-Nut, Wax Lips, The Kandy King, Zillamite, Tiki Head, Cave Cat, Eddy The Sweaty Yeti, Fat Zilla, Banana Bob, Finneas T. Rex, and Congo Jimmy.


You can upgrade every toy’s attack as you progress through the game. Crockett goes from an uppercut to a raccoon hat flail. Shakespeare slings books, arrows, and even the skull of Yorick! Franklin zaps enemies with his lightning gun and Lovecraft hurls a squid! Poe fires ravens with his Nevermore Gun and hurls lethal hearts with his Tell-Tale Heart Attack. The Kandy Kingdom attacks include Sprinkle Punches, Lobbed Lollipops, Bubblegum Bubble-Pops, Peppermint air-strikes and Glazed and Confused, King Kandyheart’s donut scepter attack. The Best Forgotten Island attacks with Bad Breath, Horn Blasts, Laval Lobs, Boulder Kicks, Sumo Slaps, and Rocket Propelled Bananas. They are a little uncivilized.

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