Uncover the Mystery of CITIZEN KAKE!

Available for iPhone, iPad and the Mac!

Who is Charles Bananas Foster Kake?

In Citizen Kake, the wealthy cupcake Charles Bananas Foster Kake utters two mysterious words before his death. It’s up to Davy Crockett and William Shakespeare to figure out what those words meant, and unravel a conspiracy before all of Tin Town erupts into mayhem. Along the way they will confront the giant hypnotizing eyeball pyramid, battle a hobo ape, and experience a strange encounter with a Kandy Kingdom orphanage...

What is Citizen Kake?

Citizen Kake is the lite version of Trouble in Tin Town and is a turned based strategy game inspired by children’s wind-up toys from the 1950s. With a unique campaign storyline and skirmish levels, Citizen Kake stands out from other lite versions of paid games by giving the user a separate experience from the paid version.

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